The Collective DAO Catalog is an open source database of high-signal DAO events.

The Collective DAO Catalog is an open source database that captures, indexes, and archives various events from existing DAOs. A DAO Event is any relevant occurrence in a DAO or DAO-adjacent org’s lifecycle, currently indicated by a public document on any platform like Discourse or Twitter. Indviduals can query across all DAOs, bringing qualitative information of DAO Events into one searchable, source of truth. This enables anyone to contribute, integrate, and extend ways to engage with the data.

Built by Amy, Carletex, and Damu.

We'd love to thank and give attributes to:

  1. The Optimism Foundation for this grant 💕
  2. The Original Collective Archives by lavande
  3. Design Framework from Ben Brignell's Open Sourced Design Principles

Our Roadmap

The initial launch of the Collective DAO Catalog is a simple interface to query data.

Next up is an API that allows anyone to build extensions such as AI chatbots, or connect on-chain data.

If you'd like to contribute or build on top of the Collective DAO Catalog, please get in touch on GitHub.